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The Booking Form constitutes the entire Agreement between Emenac Travel Pvt Ltd (“Operator” which expression includes all other companies/entities in its group, its operators and agents only to the extent they may provide any service or part thereof) and the Customer (which expression shall mean the person/s in whose name and/or whose behalf the Booking is made and/or whose name is on the Booking from, the Reservation Ticket (TRT)/Service Voucher/s)
If service suppliers like airlines, hotels, cruise lines, railroads, car rental agencies, tour operators and consolidators fail to provide their services, Emenac Travel will not be responsible for their failure. Emenac Travel does not guarantee the services provided by service suppliers. If the service suppliers face any defaults before you journey, Emenac Travel will not be responsible for refund. Emenac Travel is not responsible for only its defects. It is not responsible for other third parties. You will have to ask suppliers for refund if it faced defaults before the journey. 
Service suppliers will be responsible to refund your amount if it was damaged before starting journey. You will apply for refund. Emenac Travel guarantees the service that it provides and also takes care in choosing service suppliers for you. 
If you send a request for refund to airlines, they will follow their fare rules, policies and procedures for refund. Service fees is converted into your local currency on payment page. Adult, child, senior, infant, student and military are the types of passengers for air travel. Service fees for changes, refunds and cancellation will be charged on per passenger. 
Our all post-ticketing fees are not refundable like transaction service fees and are subject to change without any notice. Our fees should not be confused with airline or other supplier fees. We take our own fees. You will pay the final amount showed to you by our agent. 
1. We do not refund for most of airline tickets. We only refund if service suppliers accept your request of refund according to their rules or cancellation and refunds. If you are not a “no show” then you will get your amount. Waivers cannot be secured if you are “no show”. 
2. Many of our airline tickets are not refundable because these are refunded according the rules, policies and procedures of service suppliers. 
3. Special services: If you will apply for special services, you will get these services only when airlines will accept them based on their rules, policies and procedures. You will have to pay for special services and if you deny to take these services you will get refund by airline. 
Name Misspelling: Name of Passengers does not match their passport. There may be misspelling in name. 
Visa/Passport: If you are going to process a request, you will need a Visa/Passport decline letter. 
Baggage: Keep all the receipts and tags of baggage in safe hands. 
No-Show: It is the documentation provided by you that explains why you were unable to make your departure on scheduled/required time. It will be required for refund or cancellations. 
Denied Boarding: It is also the documentation for denied boarding of your fixed departure time and it will also be required for cancellations or refund. 
Duplicate Tickets: If you are applying for refund, you should have copies of all the tickets and all the documents as a proof. 
We cannot cancel and refund most of our airline tickets, hotels, pre-paid car rentals, vacation packages and service fees. If you cancel our customer services in within 10 days before starting journey, Travel Protection Plans will be refundable. You can ask for all kinds of cancellations on phone. Your refund applications will only be approved if following conditions are fulfilled:
  • The first conditions is that fare rules should allow cancellations and refunds and you have applied for refund. 
  • Second step is that you should not be “no show” because customers are “no show” do not get their amount back. 
  • We should be eligible for cancellations and refund and also we are able to secure waivers from service suppliers.  
We cannot give a specific time for your refund because it depends on the rules of service suppliers. We send you confirmation email when we receive cancellation or refund request from you. Your request is kept in sequence and you are provided with tracking number. We forward your request to service suppliers such as airlines, hotels, car-rental companies for securing your waivers from suppliers. They accept your request on the basis of their rules. Our service fees is not refundable and we can only refund when it is approved by service suppliers.  
Service suppliers take extra time after approval of refund and also charge extra amount for refund. Whole process of refund and showing of statement takes 60-90 days for refund. Like service suppliers, Emenac Travel also charges post-ticketing fees and it is not refundable. These charges are on per-passenger or per-ticket basis. We take deduct post-ticketing charges only when suppliers approve your refund. If they do not refund your amount we do not take post-ticketing charges but booking fees will not be refundable. 

Airline Schedule Changes/Flight Cancellations:

All airlines have their different policies regarding changes in their schedule. They make schedule changes for operational needs. These changes can be short time or may be long time according to the needs. Flight number changes, time changes, routing, date changes or cancellations may result change in the schedule of airlines. 
Emenac Travel is not responsible for missed flights, cancelled flights or schedule changes by airlines. 
We try our best to view the customer of any schedule changing flights. 
Customers should remain careful about their flights and should confirm flights 24 to 72 hours before departure. Especially when you are in your travel. You should remain careful for every kind of changes in your flights. 
General restrictions: It is recommended that all the flights should be confirmed before departure and at least you should contact airline 24 hours before departure to confirm any schedule change. And 72 hours before domestic flights like for Hawaii and international flights. 
Emenac does not permit standbys and upgrades. Most of discounted tickets do not allow any kind of addition. 
Seats are assigned on the day of departure by contacting airlines. 
We cannot provide tickets to those who are at of age 18 or under 18. They can be provided tickets only when they have adults with them. Adults should be with them.  
We have the right to cancel requests of those areas where there is risk for the security of our customers. 
All travelers should be aware of rules and requirements of country in which they are going. You can get information about international travel requirements for different countries at www.travel.state.gov/. 
You should fulfill all the requirements of your destination country by yourself because Emenac Travel does not give you guarantee of entrance in the destination. It only provides you with the tickets. 
Payment acceptance policy: We accept credit/debit cards of countries that are given in billing section. These are US, Canada and several other countries. AE/AP addresses are also acceptable. 
Please note: Your total price consists of multiple charges. We will inform you in 24 hours if payment is not processed. It may take more than 24 hours for non-credit/debit cards. If air fare changes before you pay for the ticket, you will be informed about it and you will have a right to accept or decline the transaction. If you do not make a booking you are not charged. 
Our Post Payment Price Guarantee: When you agree for payments, we honestly get the committed total amount. If fare changes, we may also change the price by informing you. 
Please note: We do not confirm booking with hotels and car rentals until you do not confirm your booking through email. We may also require advance payments for confirmation. 
For the safety of your amount we do not process your transactions when our system is at risk. We care for your money and transactions. In this case we may contact your bank. Before processing your transaction we confirm that our system is out of risk.  
Force Majeure: We regret we cannot accept liability and no compensation will be payable if the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by circumstances amounting to 'force majeure'. Circumstances amounting to 'force majeure' include any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid such as war or threat of war, civil strife, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, terrorist activity and all similar circumstances beyond our control.

Credit/Debit Card Payment Terms:

1. Credit/Debit cards should have billing address of US, Canada or other countries that are present in payment drop down of our site.  
2. We cannot guarantee for the bookings and fares until you get tickets. Your bookings for hotels, car rentals and vacation packages are not guaranteed until you receive confirmation number by email. 
3. When you submit your cards for payment, we keep temporary hold of your funds. We do it because we do not allow to use your amount for other purposes without booking. If you cancel your booking we return your amount without any charges. We will release hold of your funds. 
4. When you submit your card for payment, it may be rejected and we will inform you in 24 hours. Payment confirmation is must for ticketing. 
5. Travel will not be responsible for approval of your credit or debit card. Disapproval may happen due to different reasons. Airline could not confirm the booking, increase in fare and insufficient funds may be the reasons of disapproval of your cards. If fare increase before your payment, you can cancel or book your ticket. But if you have paid for the quoted price then it will be non-refundable.  
6. Emenac Travel is strict in maintaining the security of your payment process. If there is any fraud in transactions then it will be reported to airport security and airlines.  
7. After making a purchase with us and after receiving your tickets by email, you cannot dispute on the charges. You agree to reimburse Emenac Travel in case of credit card disputes if you have purchased a service on our website. 
8. We keep and record every kind of transactions on phone as a proof in any kind of dispute on charges or any other dispute. 
9. Credit card transactions are made when one accepts our terms and conditions and makes a purchase with us. 
10. We provide safety to your funds in such a way that when our system is at high risk, we do not make transactions. When we confirm that the system is not at more risk, we continue your transactions process. In this case we may contact you or your bank. 
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