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Privacy Policy

General Information:

We welcome you to our page of privacy policy. Your visit on our site shows you your trust with us. This privacy policy explains what data we collect from you, the reason of collecting it and what we do with it. It is because when you share your data and information, we make services better for you according to your desire. We may show you relevant ads or we may connect you with relevant people. We want to show you that what kind of data we collect from you for your privacy. We have explained below the information that we collect. We are explaining it to maintain your privacy. It is explained in easy words.

Right to access, correct, delete data and to object to data processing:

Our customers have the right to access, correct and delete personal data relating to them, and to object to the processing of such data, by addressing a written request, at any time. Company tries its best to prevent your data from being changed, corrupted, destroyed or accessed by unauthorized third parties. However, company is not responsible for any risk caused because of internet therefore our users have to take care of their privacy while using internet. Our site uses many other external links and when your visit those sites, we will not be responsible for actions made by you on those sites. They may not be liable for the content, advertising, products, services or any other material available on or from these web sites or external sources. 

Management of personal data:

You are allowed to view and edit or change your data on our services. You can make changes to your data according to our services that we offer. You can choose whether you wish to receive promotional communications from our web site by email, SMS, physical mail, and telephone. If you receive promotional email or SMS messages from us and you like to opt out them, you can opt them by following directions explained in the email or SMS. You can also make choices about the receipt of promotional email, telephone calls, and postal mail by visiting and signing into Company Promotional Communications Manager, which allows you to update contact information, manage contact preferences, opt out of email subscriptions, and choose whether to share your contact information with our partners. These options are not compulsory to apply on communications that are part of certain website services. 

Information we collect:

Our objective to collect data is to operate it effectively and for providing you the best experiences with our services. We become able to collect your data when you sign up on our site. We get some of your data by using cookies, by receiving error reports or usage data from software running on your device. We also get your data from third parties from third parties. We also use services from other companies to help us determine a location based on your IP address in order to customize certain services to your location. The data and information we collect shows your interest because it depends on the services and features you use. 

How We Use Your Information:

Your data is used by our website for three purposes, to run our business and provide you services, for discussion (it may include notices), and for the advertisement. For all these things your data is collected from different website services which you use. Thus we can provide you ideal, and personalized experience. To enhance protection for your data we have developed high-tech safeguards to prevent data combinations. For example we collect data separately which identifies you such as your name, email address, or phone number from you when you are not signed in.

Sharing your information:  

Your content is shared after your permission, as it is necessary for providing you services or making important transactions. On your request, we share your data with third parties. For Example, if you share your payment data to make some purchase we may share this data with banks or other service providers for protection against fraud and risks.  Your data is shared with the affiliates, subsidiaries, vendors, agents working on our behalf. We hire companies to provide services and in some cases, they need access to your data to provide those services. The companies with which we share your data must abide by our data privacy. All of the affiliated companies follow our privacy policy.  and cannot use or share your data for another purpose. We can also disclose data for transactions as a merger or selling assets.


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